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The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is a free market policy and advocacy group dedicated to promoting a strong and vibrant Arizona economy.
  • Ending tax subsidies won’t mean an end to development https://t.co/4ZK95DFfvf
  • States competing to hand out subsidies to corporation is a crony capitalist game that taxpayers lose every time https://t.co/h5mpYkcBLQ
  • https://t.co/ad0fOtoiZW Consolidated elections promote voter turnout and more representative government.
  • Victory for taxpayers. House Ways and Means votes down SB 1270, legislation to extend Maricopa County light rail tax for another 20 years.
  • https://t.co/kPfSXl3QIF AZ Coyotes asking for $225 million in tax payer subsidies #stopthemadness #