Legislative District 20 – Judy Schweibert Supports Radical Tax Plan and Organizations with Far-Left Agenda

Judy Schwiebert supports a near doubling of Arizona’s income tax rate for job creators, a $1Billion tax which would be the largest tax increase in Arizona history!  This proposal would give Arizona one of the highest income taxes in the country and would punish small businesses just looking to recover.  

Schwiebert’s radical agenda doesn’t stop there…

Legislative District 20 located in Glendale and Peoria is considered “in-play” for 2020 and is being heavily targeted by Democrats.  Though Schweibert emphasizes “listening and working together” on her campaign site, her true alliances are with radical organizations such as LUCHA and out-of-state-interest groups such as Sister District that are actively pushing their radical progressive agendas in Arizona.


At the legislature, birds of a feather truly do flock together and voters can tell a lot by the organizations candidates rely upon for policy advice.  Schwiebert has not been shy in claiming LUCHA as her friend.  Voters should be aware this radical group supports dangerous proposals such as abolishing ICE and defunding the police.  And far from the moderate grassroots support in LD20, Schwiebert is a Manchurian Candidate for the Sister District Project, a San Francisco-based political group that aims to “turn states blue” by taking out-of-state volunteers “from deep blue districts” and sending them into “carefully targeted races in swing district” in other states.   Arizona’s legislative district 20 is their target.