Legislative District 17 – Jennifer Pawlik Backs the Bernie Sanders Plan of Massive Tax Hikes, Radical Gun Control and the Green New Deal

Despite being from a legislative district in the East Valley with a 10-point Republican advantage and a more moderate flavor, Democrat Jennifer Pawlik has worked to convince voters in LD17 that she is a middle-of-the-road Democrat. 

Her support for sky high tax rates and extreme gun control laws is evidence to the contrary.  In just her first term, Pawlik supported over $5.7Billion in tax hikes, backing plans to increase income taxes, online sales taxes, property taxes and taxes on small businesses! She even opposed efforts to repeal the $32 vehicle registration fee. Pawlik hasn’t said no to a single tax increase since being elected to the legislature.

These aren’t the only issues Pawlik wishes to legislate from the far left.  In line with the Bernie Sanders Agenda, Pawlik supported banning the sale of firearms by individuals, implementing a shutdown of our economy to reduce carbon emissions, banning natural gas and prohibiting the use of plastic bags.