• Secured over $750 million in personal and corporate income tax cuts
  • Slashed Arizona’s capital gains tax rates by 25%
  • Eliminated the onerous job training tax, saving small businesses millions of dollars
  • Indexed Arizona’s income tax brackets for inflation and implemented instant expensing and bonus depreciation to promote business investment in the state
  • Increased the personal income tax exemption, providing a much needed tax cut for middle income household


  • Replaced the state’s bloated elected officials pension system with a reduced 401(k)-style retirement plan
  • Passed legislation ending automatic payroll deductions for non-public safety government unions
  • Eliminated tenure in K-12 education and transitioned the state to a merit based system


  • Prohibited any state money or resources going toward the implementation or enforcement of Obamacare in Arizona
  • Expanded healthcare transparency by allowing patients to see the cash out-of-pocket cost for routine medical treatments
  • Expanded school choice and opportunities through universal Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, allowing parents to choose the best school for their child


  • Embracing the 21st century economy by eliminating the regulatory barriers preventing home-sharing rentals, ride-sharing and the advancement of autonomous vehicles
  • Repealing prohibition-era laws to allow for the expansion and growth of microbreweries and for the direct shipment of wine to consumers
  • Eliminated the requirement for new business startups to publish their articles of incorporation in the newspaper, a corporate welfare giveaway to the print news industry
  • Fighting local government overreach by ending nanny-state progressive policies such as plastic bag bans, energy efficiency mandates and unnecessary off-cycle elections for tax increases


  • Defended our free speech rights by challenging the unconstitutional matching funds system at Clean Elections, winning a 5–4 United States Supreme Court decision in AZ Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett
  • Protected donor privacy and freedom of association by prohibiting the government from mandating that private organizations disclose their supporters
  • Substantially increased Arizona’s unconstitutionally low campaign contribution limits to mirror the federal contribution limits
  • Secured funding for the conservative Freedom Centers at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona
  • Restricted the use of taxpayer money being used by governmental entities for campaigning, electioneering and lobbying activities


  • Successful in eliminating a multimillion -dollar film studio tax credit program, a failed idea that cost the state money and enriched liberal Hollywood movie studios
  • Defeated several attempts to provide millions in corporate welfare subsidies to select industries and businesses
  • Killed special taxing district legislation for a theme park, professional hockey arena, a new state capitol, light rail and for the construction of a luxury bathroom in Mohave County
  • Stopped multiple green energy giveaways, including a costly 25% renewable mandate, tax subsidies for solar companies and onerous energy reporting requirements for businesses