Since our inception in 2005, the Free Enterprise Club has quickly established itself as the leader in promoting economic freedom in Arizona.  Some of our achievements include:

  • Securing over $500 million in personal and corporate income tax cuts
  • Reductions in Arizona’s capital gains and business property tax rates
  • Defeating numerous subsidies, special tax breaks and special interest giveaways at the legislature
  • The consolidation of Arizona’s candidate election system to the same date, thus reducing costs and increasing voter participation in the process
  • Successfully challenged and eliminated the matching funds system under Clean Elections, winning a 5-4 Supreme Court decision in AZ Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett

In addition to our advocacy efforts, the Free Enterprise Club strives to promote sound policy through research and education. Our successful track record provides our members with a strong voice in the political process and has made the Free Enterprise Club an influential player in changing the behavior of our elected officials.

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The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is a free market policy and advocacy group dedicated to promoting a strong and vibrant Arizona economy.
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