Legislative District 4 – Geraldine Peten Supports Radical Tax Proposal and Sky-High Utility Bills

Geraldine Peten is the current representative for LD 4, located in southwestern Arizona in predominately Yuma and Pima Counties. Peten has a reputation for making false and radical claims at the legislature, including the idea that charter schools are racist attempts to segregate children, that Arizona should pass a $40Billion budget (a 300% increase in spending), and make discrimination against certain hair styles illegal

Peten voted for a pay increase for herself while supporting over $7Billion in tax increases for hardworking Arizonans. Peten also sponsored legislation to nearly double Arizona’s income tax on job creators/small businesses which would have represented the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN ARIZONA HISTORY. Peten’s reckless tax ideas would derail Arizona’s economy!

Peten was also an outspoken proponent of Prop 127, a measure soundly defeated by nearly 70% of voters in the State that would have increased citizens’ utility bills by $1,000 a year!  Not only was this radical measure being pushed by out of state special interests costly to ratepayers, Peten argued it did not go far enough (22:12)!  If Peten had it her way, Arizonans would adopt California-energy mandates that have caused “rotating” blackouts and sky-high energy prices.