Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club released its Legislative Scorecard for both the 2018 session as well as a rolling 2-year snapshot.  In preparing the scorecard, the Club conducted a thorough review of all legislative action and key votes taken by lawmakers this session with an emphasis on the Club’s supported or opposed bills.

View House of Representatives Scorecard

View Senate Scorecard

The Club Top performers in the Legislature who have earned a perfect A+ in 2018 included:

  • Senator Warren Petersen (LD 12)
  • Senator Steve Smith (LD 11)
  • Senator David Farnsworth (LD 16)
  • Rep. Anthony Kern (LD 20)
  • Rep. Paul Mosley (LD 5)
  • Rep. Kevin Payne (LD 21)
  • Rep. Vince Leach (LD 11)
  • Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (LD 12)
  • Rep. Travis Grantham (LD 12)
  • Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (LD 23)
  • Rep. John Allen (LD 15)
  • Rep. Kelly Townsend (LD 16)
  • Rep. Jeff Weninger (LD 17)
  • Rep. Javan Mesnard (LD 17)

Copy of Club Scorecard Matrix.

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