Legislative District 6 – Coral Evans supports massive tax hike, gas tax increase and sanctuary cities

Coral Evans lives in Coconino County in a district which encompasses areas as diverse as Flagstaff and Yavapai, Navajo and Gila Counties.  Evans is a member of the Flagstaff city council where she has actively supported the city using taxpayer-funded lobbyists to advocate for hiking the state gas tax.

Evans also supports the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN ARIZONA HISTORY, a proposal that would nearly double the income tax rate on small businesses still struggling to recover.  This $1Billion tax increase would make Arizona one of the highest income tax states in the country and derail our economic recovery!


In addition to her high-tax agenda, Evans doesn’t believe walls should exist between countries and even compares citizens who do to slave owners.  If Evans were elected, she would opt for Arizona to be a “sanctuary state” (1:04) free of the enforcement of federal immigration laws.  Even in progressive Tucson, the idea of sanctuary cities was way too radical for most voters.