Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today has released their first slate of legislative candidate endorsements for the general election.

The candidates who received endorsements share the key beliefs in free market economics, tax reform, school choice, regulatory reform, and fair and equitable tax policy.

Endorsed candidates include:

  • Sylvia Allen, District 6, Senate
  • Bob Thorpe, District 6, House
  • Brenda Barton, District 6, House
  • Jill Norgaard, District 18, House
  • David Cook, District 8, House
  • Todd Clodfelter, District 10, House
  • Chris DeRose, Phoenix City Council, District 3

 “The Club is honored to endorse this slate of candidates for the Arizona Legislature.  Each individual is passionate about fighting for Arizona taxpayers and we are confident they will be principled in their votes on the important issues facing the state.” Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi said.

Mussi continued, “We are fortunate to have incumbent, Sylvia Allen, who has proven to be a stalwart champion of the taxpayer.   Both her incumbent seatmates, Bob Thorpe and Brenda Barton, have also demonstrated their commitment to sound policy coupled with a practical and hardworking attitude.”

Jill Norgaard is rerunning for her seat in District 18; and she has proven to be a formidable freshman in her last two years.  Jill is a true fiscal conservative who has had successfully championed and passed legislation that has given greater flexibility to schools as well as regulatory relief to the business community.

David Cook and Todd Clodfelter would both make strong additions to the legislature.  Mr. Cook has deep knowledge of water, natural resources, agriculture, and mining policy issues.  Mr. Clodfelter will be a passionate advocate for small businesses.  Chris DeRose will be a spending hawk for taxpayers and fight the Phoenix establishment’s insatiable appetite for taxing its residents.”

For additional information on the Club PAC’s candidate endorsements, contact Scot Mussi at or at 602-508-6088.

To see prior 2016 endorsements: Slate one, Slate two.

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