The Free Enterprise Club is proud to endorse Kathy Pearce for the House of Representatives in LD25 for the 2020 election. It is time Legislative District 25 had conservative representation.

Kathy Pearce will fight for policies that support the taxpayer such as lower taxes and free market principles. She is committed to school choice opportunities for all families in the state and to smart K-12 finance reform.

Incumbent Michelle Udall has not been accountable for her anti-taxpayer voting record. Udall voted WITH DEMOCRATS in 2018 to pass a $32 vehicle registration tax. In 2019 she sponsored legislation that would increase sales taxes by $500 Million. She also supported a bill that would provide in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. Michelle Udall does not represent the taxpayers of Arizona.

Paid for by The Arizona Free Enterprise Club. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.