The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC conducts a rigorous process to identify candidates who will fight for pro-growth, free market policies in Arizona. The Club only endorses candidates that are willing to take on the establishment and stay true to their principles.

Our Club PAC Candidate Endorsements for 2018 include:

U.S. Congress

Steve Smith CD 1

Andy Biggs CD 5

Debbie Lesko CD 8

Stephen Ferrara CD 9

Arizona Governor

Doug Ducey

Arizona Secretary of State

Michele Reagan

Arizona State Treasurer

Kimberly Yee

Arizona Corporation Commission

Justin Olson

State Legislative Races

Paul Mosley, LD 5 House

Regina Cobb, LD 5 House

Sylvia Allen, LD 6 Senate

Stuart McDaniel, LD 6 House

Bob Thorpe, LD 6 House

Vince Leach, LD 11 Senate

Mark Finchem, LD 11 House

Brett Roberts, LD 11 House

Eddie Farnsworth, LD 12 Senate

Travis Grantham, LD 12 House

Warren Petersen, LD 12 House

Darin Mitchell, LD 13 House

David Farnsworth, LD 16 Senate

Lisa Godzich, LD 16 House

Jeff Weninger, LD 17 House

Frank Schmuck, LD 18 Senate

Jill Norgaard, LD 18 House

Paul Boyer, LD 20 Senate

Anthony Kern, LD 20 House

Shawnna Bolick, LD 20 House

Kevin Payne, LD 21 House

Ben Toma, LD 22 House

Rusty Bowers, LD 25 House

Maria Syms, LD 28 House

J.D. Mesnard, LD 17 Senate

Rick Gray, LD 21 Senate

Gail Griffin, LD 14 House

Nancy Barto, LD 15 House

Sine Kerr, LD 13 Senate

John Allen, LD 15 House

Marlene Hinton, LD 25 House

Becky Nutt, LD 14 House

Farhana Shifa LD 18 House

Tony Rivero LD 21 House

David Livingston LD 22 Senate

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