The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC conducts a rigorous process to identify candidates who will fight for pro-growth, free market policies in Arizona. The Club only endorses candidates that are willing to take on the establishment and stay true to their principles.

Our Club PAC Candidate Endorsements for 2016 include:

  • David Stringer (LD1)
  • Paul Mosley (LD5)
  • Warren Petersen (LD12)
  • Travis Grantham (LD12)
  • Eddie Farnsworth (LD12)
  • Steve Montenegro (LD13)
  • Adam Stevens (LD16)
  • Ross Groen (LD25)
  • Maria Syms (LD28)
  • Matt Morales (LD28)
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Latest Tweets

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is a free market policy and advocacy group dedicated to promoting a strong and vibrant Arizona economy.
  • Ending tax subsidies won’t mean an end to development
  • States competing to hand out subsidies to corporation is a crony capitalist game that taxpayers lose every time
  • Consolidated elections promote voter turnout and more representative government.
  • Victory for taxpayers. House Ways and Means votes down SB 1270, legislation to extend Maricopa County light rail tax for another 20 years.
  • AZ Coyotes asking for $225 million in tax payer subsidies #stopthemadness #