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Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC has endorsed 3 more candidates for the 2014 primaries: Darin Mitchell, Steve Montenegro and Justin Olson. All three candidates have developed a proven conservative track record and have been free market champions in the House. Montenegro and Mitchell are running as a team in LD 13 while Olson is running in LD 25.

“We are fortunate to have three limited government fiscal hawks protecting taxpayers at the legislature” Executive Director Scot Mussi said. “Their opposition to crony capitalism and corporate welfare at the legislature is a breath of fresh air for supporters of economic freedom.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Jeff Dewit for State Treasurer. The conservative Dewit is in a tough 3-way Republican primary for the office against two other establishment candidates.

Jeff Dewit’s strong business background and conservative free market principles is what earned him the endorsement from the Club. “Jeff is the type of pro-growth, limited government candidate we need in the Treasurers office,” PAC spokesman Scot Mussi said.

Being a first time candidate, Jeff won’t be the establishments favorite choice, but his impressive experience in the financial sector makes him the most qualified for the position. “Simply put, there is only one person with the credentials and expertise to be Arizona’s next treasurer, and that is Jeff Dewit.” 

Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club announced our first legislative endorsements for the 2014 election: Shawnna Bolick and Jill Norgaard for the House of Representatives. Both candidates are conservative outsiders facing a crowded primary election in August.

“Shawnna Bolick is the type of free market advocate we need at the State Legislature,” Executive Director Scot Mussi said.  “Her limited government principles and willingness to take on the establishment will make her a valuable addition at the House of Representatives.”

“Jill Norgaard is going to provide District 18 voters with an opportunity to support a real conservative in the election,” Scot Mussi added.  “She is a fighter that will defend liberty and economic freedom at the legislature.” 

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