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The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today announced our 2013 Free Market Champion Award recipients.   The Free Market Champion Award is given to members of the Legislature that demonstrate leadership and a commitment to free market, pro growth policies in Arizona.  The four recipients of the Free Market Champion Award are:

  • Rep. Darin Mitchell
  • Rep. Justin Olson
  • Rep. Warren Petersen
  • Sen. Andy Biggs

“The Free Enterprise Club is proud to honor these four legislators for their hard work and consistent support of economic freedom and prosperity at our state capitol.” Executive Director Scot Mussi said. “They were true difference makers for Arizona taxpayers and businesses.”

Warren Petersen

Rep. Petersen Accepting His Award

Andy Biggs

Sen. Biggs Accepts Award in Senate Chamber


The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released our 2013 Legislative Scorecard, grading each member on their votes and actions during the past legislative session. Over two dozens votes were included in the scorecard, covering a wide range of issues from tax policy, campaign finance and healthcare.

“It is important that voters know where their elected officials stand on promoting economic freedom,” Scot Mussi said. “The Free Enterprise Club Scorecard provides a good measure on how well legislators support taxpayers and a pro-growth business climate.”

In addition to evaluating member votes, the Free Enterprise Club scorecard also holds members accountable for bill sponsorships, committee votes and procedural tricks used to stop good legislation. “It is common for legislators to hold bills in committee or engage in other legislative maneuvers to defeat a measure, and this is often worse than the vote itself,” Mussi said. “Our scorecard holds individual members accountable for these actions.”

Overall, 19 members out of 90 received an ‘A’, with 15 legislators achieving a perfect score. “A key benchmark in receiving a high score is each legislator’s commitment to not picking winners and losers through our tax code.” Mussi said. The 19 members to receive an ‘A’ grade were:

Scorecard A's


To view the AZFEC House Scorecard click here.

To view the AZFEC Senate Scorecard click here.


The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released the following statement following the 3-2 vote against meaningful net metering reform:

“The vote by the Commission today codifies that non-solar customers will continue to subsidize solar ratepayers,” Executive Director Scot Mussi said. “The net metering program needs to be based on the actual costs of solar power, and the changes made today guarantees that it won’t.”

Without reforms, it is anticipated that the program will only grow more costly over the next several years.  “If the goal was to continue picking winners and losers through our utility bills, then the Commission succeeded.”  Mussi continued. “And if the Commissioners think that this problem will be easier to fix in the future, they are sorely mistaken.”

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