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Flake gets backing from Lewis to join Appropriations panel

By Vicki Needham – 11/05/10 06:17 PM ET

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) got a nod Friday from the House Appropriations leading Republican to join the panel.

House Appropriations Committee ranking member Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.), who has voiced support for adding fiscally conservative members the panel, gave his support to Flake, a well-known budget hawk who has refused earmarks.

“There are numerous talented and capable fiscally conservative Members and incoming freshmen who would make many valuable contributions to our committee,” Lewis said today in a statement. “While these decisions will be made by the Steering Committee, I will encourage the addition of Republicans to the Appropriations Committee – including Congressman Flake – who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work with their colleagues to conduct critical and time-consuming oversight, and get down to the serious work of cutting government spending.”

Lewis, who is seeking to lead the committee but will need a waiver to do so, said the panel will “be ground-zero” in the fight to rein in government spending.

“Our new Republican majority will meet these challenges head-on, will engage in aggressive budget oversight, and enact significant spending cuts across the entire federal government,” he said.

It’s being reported that MSNBC suspended Countdown host Keith Olbermann for financially contributing to three Democratic candidates, including two in Arizona: Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords.  According to these reports, Olbermann violated company policy by not clearing his donations with superiors.

When I read this, I thought it must have come from The Onion.  Only they could make up something this funny.

What must have really happened was that Olbermann, who only appears to be a raging liberal,  actually gave donations to Ruth McClung and Jesse Kelly.

Prop. 106 – Health Care Freedom – YES
Protects right to obtain the health care of your choice and prohibits federal government from levying fines for not participating in federal health care system

Prop. 107 – Ending racial quotas – YES

Prop. 113 – Right to a Secret Ballot – YES
Protects the right to a secret ballot when workers vote whether to form a union

Prop. 302 – YES
Would divert funds currently directed to early childhood education program to state general fund to help address $1.7 billion budget deficit.  The fund (known as First Things First) currently has $325 million on hand and collects approximately $200 million annually from taxes on tobacco.

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